The Trigger Point & Referred Pain Guide

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Myofascial Trigger point Symptoms
Head, Neck, and Shoulders

"Traveling" nocturnal sinus stuffiness pterygoid (Lateral,Medial), sternocleidomastoid, posterior Digastric
Post nasal drip pterygoid (Lateral,Medial), sternocleidomastoid
TMJ symptoms Masseter , trapezius, temporalis, pterygoid (Lateral,Medial)
Dizziness when turning head or changing field of view sternocleidomastoid
Runny nose sternocleidomastoid, pterygoid (Lateral,Medial)
Sore throat sternocleidomastoid, Digastric, pterygoid (Lateral,Medial)
Stiff neck levator scapulae
Reflux esophagitis external oblique
Drooling in sleep internal Medial pterygoid
Swollen glands Digastric
Difficulty swallowing Digastric, pterygoid (Lateral,Medial)
Headaches/migraines trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, temporalis, splenii, suboccipital, semispinalis capitis, frontalis, zygomaticus major, cutaneous facial, posterior cervical
Visual perception problems sternocleidomastoid
Tearing/reddening of eye, drooping of eyelid upper sternal sternocleidomastoid
Double/blurry/changing vision: internal eye muscles temporalis, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, cutaneous facial, splenius cervicis
Earaches/ringing/itch SCM, Masseter , pterygoid (Lateral,Medial)
Unexplained toothaches temporalis, Masseter , Digastric
Feeling continued movement in car after stopping sternocleidomastoid
Feeling tilted when cornering in car sternocleidomastoid
Pressure of eyeglasses or headbands is painful head, neck, and shoulder TrPs 
Bruxism (teeth grinding) Digastric, Masseter , Soleus